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Joes poker blog

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November 2012 results
  Joe, Nov 30 2012

In November I played mostly zoom 6 max and normal 6 max, with a bit of headsup too.

I started the month very good, but then hit a small downswing (I swing very little recently) and my play got worse too. I did a bit of analysing and mostly re-thought my game plan on flop, started playing solid again and recovered for a smallish winning month in the end.

(EV should be some $500 or so more because HM1 imports run-it-twice incorrectly.)

As for volume, hand-wise its ok, but hour-wise I was kind of lazy again. Only managed to put in 91 hours, which is about 30 hours less than what I think my average should be.

Finally started taking some shots at 2/4 PLO. With some table selecting the 2/4 tables are actually pretty good, so I hope I will be playing more and more 2/4 in the near future.

Looking forward to the next month as I feel like my game improved by quite a bit in the last 10 days or so and just want to prove it to myself it is not just a feeling. And also because I am probably going travelling with my gf to Cuba or somewhere with summer weather


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October 2012 results
  Joe, Oct 31 2012

I wanted to play a lot of poker in October, but instead played a lot of Civilization V and only so-so poker.

First half of the month I played mostly headsup, played very little but did quite well (was up about $3.6k after first 8k hands or so). Second half I played a mix of headsup and 6-max zoom, played a bit more and did quite poorly. Also ran not very good.

The result is pretty disappointing as I hoped to get at least the same like last month (+$5,4k real, +$7k ev).

I played only about 106 hours this month. I hope to play at least 130 hours next month and do much better. I wanted to start playing a bit of 2/4 by the end of this month, which didnt happen, but I will try hard to get to PLO 2/4 asap. Also would be nice if higher zoom plo started running regularly.

And looking forward to next tuesday when I will be able to withdraw my FTP money, finally!

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September 2012
  Joe, Sep 30 2012

After a not so good August (lost around $2k online, but luckily played live a bit and made some profit), I put in quite a decent volume online in September and things went ok. At least in cash games. Tournaments sucked, lost almost 1/2 my cg profits during the wcoop series. Had one deepish run in 6max plo, but ended up 24th which was worth almost nothing obviously.

Anyway, cash games results:

Its mostly headsup, with a bit of 6-max too.

Next month I am hoping to get in about the same volume or possibly even a little bit more (which is gonna be hard though, its almost 180 hours of play time). I will also play more 1/2 and should things go well I might start playing a bit of 2/4 too, but lets not be too optimistic. Just hoping to get similar results like this month.


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